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Get out of the dark. Three simple steps to start collaborating on CII.

The first Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) reporting year will commence now on January 1st and things are becoming more clearer with the new BIMCO charterparty clause that covers the measuring, sharing and co-operation aspect of CII.

Ankeri is a cloud-based software designed to give owners and charterers a platform to share data and collaborate for improved performance. It has already seen successful use by some of the market leaders in shipping for more than 5 years.

In fact the Ankeri platform is already prepared to help shipping companies tackle CII collaboration head on.

Here are the three simple steps for how to do just that:

Step 1. Collect performance data

Most modern vessels today are already equipped to measure fuel consumption. By identifying the available data streams and hooking them up to Ankeri‘s Data Connections Hub, the ship data engineering platform you can take ownership and control of your ship performance data to share it all or partially with any stakeholder internal or external. The Data Connections Hub is equally equipped to handle noon reports.

Step 2. Create fleet overview

Sign your fleet up for Ankeri's Fleet & Chartering to get fleet overview based on meta data describing the fleet, charterparties and your counter parties. Combining time series data for your fleet performance gives you unmatched fleet overview.

Step 3. Create collaborative workspaces

Ankeri‘s innovative Workspaces are designed to give a shared view between owner and charterer on CII and other items related to successful post-fixture performance. You can register and manage incidents like stevedore damage reports and off-hires. Ankeri is happy to assist you in becoming ready for collaborating on CII. To get started, contact us or sign up for a demo.

Want to learn more? Then check out this blog, Collaborating on CII compliance.


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