Ankeri API

At the heart of Ankeri integrations is the Ankeri API which can be used by all Ankeri customers to get data from Ankeri or to update and add data to Ankeri.


The API is useful for creating in-house reports for ship owners and charterers and to create integrations for other solution providers.



Ankeri and Vessel Performance Solutions have a two way API integration where VPS can use Ankeri as source of information required for analysis. Ankeri connects to VPS's API to generate a high level report, supplementing Ankeri Charter Parties, with information about excess consumption and compliance with charter parties.



The ShipDB database shares the latest information on vessel owners, managers, insurers, dimensions, capacity, equipment, engines, and other vessel data. Connection based on API connection offering integration with Ankeri Profiles.

Requires a subscription to ShipDB.


Real-time and historical tracking of individual vessels based on terrestrial and satellite AIS as well as derived analysis of the data. Integrates with Ankeri Performance via API connection.


Requires a subscription from



This integration carries information about ships in class as sent by individual IACS members to Equasis. This composite list of around 40,000 ships is updated on a weekly basis and contains data including IMO nr, Ship Name, Class, Date of Survey, Date of Next Survey.

Available to all Ankeri users.


Ankeri integrates with information from s-Insight which provides ship-specific technical data into Ankeri Profiles. Integrations can be using the s-Insight API or by importing XML export from s-Insight into Ankeri.

Navigator Insight offers ship-to-shore reporting system that integrates the reports sent from ship to shore with Ankeri Performance via API connection.

Storm Glass

Storm Glass provides high-resolution marine weather for all oceans and seas world wide. The Storm Glass API, which allows you to fetch weather data for any coordinate on the globe in a simple way, provides the historical weather data used by Ankeri.



Inmarsat users can access all their onboard sensor data from a simple dashboard and use Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for easy customisation and analysis.


Fleet Data is an enabler to improve operational efficiency, increase performance and benchmark data across an entire fleet or a single vessel.

Other integrations

Ankeri is very flexible and open towards integrations to other systems in the maritime ecosystem. The Ankeri API gives a lot of opportunities to further utilise the wast sea of information provided by Ankeri.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have ideas or requirements for other integrations that are not on this list.

Looking forward hearing from you!