Data Connections Hub

Consolidate data from multiple sources securely and efficiently

The Data Connections Hub is a cloud-based, robust, scalable, secure and cost-efficient infrastructure for connecting to and transforming merchant shipping related source data into the format required by destination systems - with minimum maintenance and administration needed.


Available connections to source systems are securely controlled and managed in the Hub with integrations to source systems developed and maintained in the Hub as well.

Connecting to data in the Hub (made available by owners of the data where applicable) frees the destination system from having to manage and maintain multiple connections with different source systems and allows it to use a single interface for the same type of data.

Key Features

Easy access to data sources needed.

Data streams can include both low (noon reports) and high (autolog) frequency data as well as hindcast weather data.

Data is formatted in the format required by the destination system using a robust API.

Controlled and secure. An administrator for the each company can manage source connections and destination connections in the Hub’s administration interface.

The owner of the source data can provide “timed-access” to the company requesting the data. One example, would be for data from a ship being made available by an owner to a charterer during the charter-party period.

Cost-efficiency by not having to build connections to new data streams in-house.

An ever growing set of available connections out-of-box. Consumers of data (charteres for example) do therefore not have to adapt their system to each new type of autolog or noon-report system on board a chartered ship.

Data from source system persisted in the Ankeri Platform for quick fetching.

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