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Data Connections Hub

Take control of your maritime data stack

Leverage your own data to unlock new value

Data holds the key to all progress.

But without a ready access to or understanding of it, not to mention full control over who can access it, value can be hard to attain.

In the maritime data space, where the shipping enterprise has to deal with miscellaneous and often seemingly incompatible data streams, the road to control and leverage of data into real value can often seem especially long and difficult.

Ankeri Data Connections Hub solves all these problems with its cutting edge value proposition and technology.

Share data with a peace of mind

Data Connections Hub makes the work flow for sharing sensitive data with each internal or external stakeholder secure, easy and effortless.

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Scalable data interoperability and governance

Data Connections Hub is a cloud-based, robust, scalable and secure data store infrastructure for connecting to source data and transforming it into a format that other systems can make use of, using granular access controls.


Consolidate all source data into a concise format

Whether it is auto log data from different vendors, AIS, now cast, hind cast or noon reports, the Data Connections Hub is able to connect to every on-shore source API to create a consolidated and concise representation of the data.

Securely manage granular access to your maritime data

Data Connections Hub allows the enterprise to generate secure tokens that can control access to vessels' and IoT assets' specific data tags, for total control, governance and peace of mind over who has access to your data and for how long.


All set with a future-proof data store for any type of processing and use

Data Connections Hub uses a modern cloud-based data store that can be leveraged for any type of algorithmic processing or machine learning tasks, now or at any time in the future.

Build custom APIs to solve any interface need

Different systems call for different data and interface requirements.

If the 3rd party internal or external system connecting to the Data Connections Hub is not able to make use of the Hub’s standard API, a custom API can be built to solve the issue.


Want to learn more about how to leverage your data?

We can get you up and running, fast, in a future-proof environment that is ready for any type of project.

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