With Ankeri you keep your ships attractive to your clients and the environment

Ankeri values performance

Ankeri aligns the interest of shipowners and charterers where real performance pays off. Ankeri is founded by a team with over 25 years combined experience in creating ground breaking solutions for shipping.

Profile your ships

Market your ships based on real operational performance by maintaining a dynamic and easily accessible efficiency profile

Monitor charter parties

Follow up on performance commitments with your charterer through shared monitoring of the time-charter party

Differentiate with data

Make the most out of your performance data by putting it in context using our data consolidation and enrichment process

Service + Technology

Ankeri provides a framework combining service and technology. We take care of building and managing your ships’ performance profiles along with monitoring of your time-charter party performance — all made accessible in a simple online dashboard. Build trust through increased transparency by sharing your performance overview with your charterers.

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Ship Owners

Ship owners can market their ships’ performance and follow up on commitments from charter parties based on operational data.


Charterers get more transparency on operation, leading to more reliable and efficient transportation.

We are expanding our team

January 15, 2018
Do you want to join us to change the world merchant shipping industry? We are looking for a person to join Ankeri’s founding team and take active role in building up our buzzing start-up. Our right candidate has experience in programming web applications and likes smart solutions to

Ankeri anniversary

December 1, 2017
Ankeri is today celebrating the first anniversary. For a new, buzzing startup to survive the first year is great. It has been exciting time with many firsts. So far it has been a great journey. In the beginning, the first few weeks, are thrilling. The freedom you have when you start with just empty

Interview with Ankeri’s CEO in the Icelandic media

September 23, 2017
The maritime section of one of the Icelandic newspapers recently covered Ankeri with an interview with our CEO. The interview, which is only available in Icelandic, can also be viewed

Best Newcomer 2017

September 1, 2017
Exactly nine months after the launch of Ankeri Solutions, we got the honour of being selected the National Best Newcomer 2017 by the Nordic Startup Awards. For this we are extremely honoured and humble – especially when taking into account all the other great Icelandic companies that were
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