With Ankeri you keep your ships attractive to your clients and the environment

Ankeri values performance

Ankeri aligns the interest of shipowners and charterers where real performance pays off. Ankeri is founded by a team with over 25 years combined experience in creating ground breaking solutions for shipping.

Profile your ships

Market your ships based on real operational performance by maintaining a dynamic and easily accessible efficiency profile

Monitor charter parties

Follow up on performance commitments with your charterer through shared monitoring of the time-charter party

Differentiate with data

Make the most out of your performance data by putting it in context using our data consolidation and enrichment process

Service + Technology

Ankeri provides a framework combining service and technology. We take care of building and managing your ships’ performance profiles along with monitoring of your time-charter party performance — all made accessible in a simple online dashboard. Build trust through increased transparency by sharing your performance overview with your charterers.

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Ship Owners

Ship owners can market their ships’ performance and follow up on commitments from charter parties based on operational data.


Charterers get more transparency on operation, leading to more reliable and efficient transportation.

Nanna Einarsdóttir joins Ankeri

February 1, 2019
We are happy to welcome Nanna Einarsdóttir to the Ankeri team as lead developer! Nanna is joining us from the 1st of February and will bring her expertise in software development to the table.  She has a history of working in the medical device industry as well as the maritime software industry.

Helgi Benediktsson joins Ankeri

January 10, 2019
Good news at the turn of the year! Helgi Benediktsson has joined the Ankeri crew as VP of Product as well as for general all-hands-on-deck assignments. At Ankeri, Helgi will be bringing his extensive experience in software development and product management into the fold, both from the fintech

New Business Venture Fund leads Ankeri seed round

December 18, 2018
Ankeri has secured seed round funding lead by the Icelandic New Business Venture Fund (Nyskopunarsjodur). The funding gives Ankeri good leverage to scale up development and follow up on good traction since initial launch of the Ankeri platform. Further coverage can be found on Northstack in English

We celebrate two year anniversary

December 1, 2018
It is incredible that it is already 2 years since we founded Ankeri. The time has passed quickly. We have managed to do so many things in this short time. It is great to take a moment and look back and see all the progress we have made. In the beginning it was only Leifur and I and a blank piece of
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