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Ankeri provides a cloud-based software platform for ship owners and charterers to manage and share ship data and collaborate for improved performance

Maintain ship data in a single location

Maintain your ships’ data in a single location. You maintain data integrity with ease by connecting various data sources, both internal and external, with changes kept on record. 

Share data with relevant stakeholders

As a cloud-based software Ankeri facilitates communication between ship owners and charterers with no additional software or hardware installations required.

Collaborate on ship performance

Ankeri consolidates your ship performance data from various monitoring systems into a single overview where it is put into the context of charter parties.


Request a demo account

To register for a demo account, simply drop us a line or use the form on this page. We will create an account demonstrating the benefits of using Ankeri for the communication between ship owners and charterers. The demo account can then be followed by a free trial for up to three months.