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Fleet & Chartering

Collaborating for improved results has never been easier

Let's fix shipping's transparency problem together

Collaboration and transparency generates long-term trust.


For shipping this is becoming more and more imperative.

Stakeholders are starting to expect transparent and smooth interactions that improve decision making and reduce waste - while making better use of everybody's time.

For owners, charterers and other stakeholders this is where Ankeri Fleet & Chartering excels.


Share and collaborate

Share data with internal or external stakeholders and automate processes in secure and easy-to-manage workspaces.

All data and interactions are stored and traced for later lookup.


Maintain all master data, verified in a single place - and ready to use

Organizing and storing your master data for ship profiles or terminals is key for using it in other applications, or sharing it with stakeholders.

Fleeting & Chartering employs simple but effect workflows designed to help you gather the data from trusted sources.

Stay on top of the chartered fleet

In the chartering domain, the deployment of the fleet, different contract types, terms and other events can be difficult to grasp or manage - especially in Excel!

Fleet & Chartering provides a holistic contracts’ overview and visualization of key metrics for the chartered in or out fleet.

Staying on top of the chartered fleet has never been simpler!


Keep track of all fleet management projects

All vessels need maintenance and upgrades, but getting an overview of what projects are ongoing and planned can be time consuming and at worst create misunderstanding and waste.

Using Fleet & Chartering, technical managers can easily visualize and maintain their projects' status.

Understand vessels’ fit in the market

For owners and charterers alike, understanding how desirable specific vessels are for specific trades is important for short-term and long-term planning.

With Fleet & Chartering, owners and charterers can quickly compare and estimate vessels’ expected costs and CII rating on specific trades to improve strategic decisions, lower costs and emissions.


Want to learn more about how to start with Fleet & Chartering?

We can get your fleet set up quickly for you to begin.

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