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For ship owners
Quickly respond to and keep track of chartering questionnaires in a reliable and easy way by mapping questionnaires to fleet information, files, and events in a unified location

Chartering questionnaires are part and parcel of the chartering domain. Charterers use these questionnaires to attain data on vessel prospects or update data on vessels they already have on record.


It goes without saying that the timely response to these questionnaires is important for every shipowner looking to stay competitive or maintain a trusted relationship with the charterer.

However, although it is not a daily occurrence, responding to these questionnaires can be time-consuming and a source of great pain and frustration, especially since every charterer seems to have their own questionnaire format.

Ankeri Profiles provides the tools to centrally manage the ships' information profile and data, collaborate, and effortlessly answer and export the questionnaires in the format required by the charterer.

Sounds too easy? With Ankeri Profiles, it is.

Questionnaires handled in a few simple steps

Register incoming questionnaires of any format, assign tasks, set due dates, and keep track of responsibilities.

Automatically fill out questionnaires using already existing ship information.

Return questionnaire and requested files to charterer with a link to download all information.

Organise files, events and particulars in a single place

Keep track of files, events, and particulars in a single location - easily accessible to those who need it when they need it.

Tag files and monitor expiry dates for plans, certificates, and other documents.

Dry-docking, hull cleaning, propeller polishing, and other events greatly impact performance and need to be carefully monitored.

Key Features

Information, files, certificates, and events for your whole fleet are accessible in a single location. Quickly share information with those who need it, when they need it.

Keep track of all incoming questionnaires in one place, independent of the format or system being used.


Assign questionnaire tasks to specified users or a group of contributors, track due dates, and get automated reminders for the defined tasks.

Use pre-defined export templates from selected charterers or customise your own export templates.

Control access to information using fine-grained user access control management.

Make ship profile data securely available to other systems using the Ankeri API.

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