Hi, we are Ankeri

Ankeri was founded in 2016 by two long time friends, Kristinn and Leifur, who shared a vision for the healthy future of the shipping industry through the use of smart technology.


Ankeri is founded on the principle of being more than just a normal for profit company. We actively participate in our society and try to contribute to make the world a better place. We want our products to help our customers to become better, reduce waste and promote good performance. We want Ankeri to be a good company. A good company to us is a good place to work, good supplier to customers, good customer to suppliers and healthy business for shareholders.

Ankeri also aspires to be a calm company. To us, a calm company is a healthy workplace where every employee is excited to start the day to work on something meaningful and every measure is taken to prevent them from burning the midnight oil (and burning out) with endless cycles of "important" deadlines. 


We believe that if we are successful with our goals, we will automatically become the best possible long-term partner to our clients, providing them with years of excellent services and products, while keeping all stakeholders happy. 

In the end we want our products to help our clients reduce waste, make more informed decisions and improve their business.


And since Ankeri strives to be a calm company, we would love if through the use of our technology, we can help our clients become one too.


Kristinn Aspelund

CEO / Co-Founder

For the past 15 years Kristinn has devoted his time and energy to bringing innovative software solutions to the shipping industry.


Leifur Kristjansson

CTO / Co-Founder

Leifur has over 15 years experience from research, design and management of software for ships.


Oskar Sigthorsson

VP Professional Services

Oskar has valuable expertise of ship performance monitoring, data analytics and product management.


Helgi Benediktsson

VP Product

Helgi has extensive experience in software development and product management, both from the fintech startup industry and from the maritime industry.


Nanna Einarsdottir

VP Engineering

Nanna has experience from working in the medical device industry as well as the maritime software industry. 


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