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Make performance and sustainability an enterprise wide push


The new face of maritime performance and sustainability

Making a lasting progress on your enterprise’s performance and sustainability goals means using data.

But it also means representing data in a way people can understand and digest in an engaging and easy manner.

That’s why Ankeri Aware is the mobile and desktop app you need to promote collaboration, encouragement and improvement across the enterprise.

Make data understandable

Enough with the expert systems that show only a privileged few the data in a too complicated manner.

Aware helps everyone understand the fleet’s performance and sustainability trends without any expert knowledge.


Be social

Human interaction and collaboration always wins over silos.

With Aware everyone within the enterprise can have their say, give encouragements, feedback or contribute in a meaningful way.

Give easy insights

Data is one thing, visualization is another but creating meaningful insights from data helps you ask the right questions and make lasting changes.

Aware generates quick insights from the fleet’s performance data without any interaction required from the user.


Use your own in-house data, without hassle

Aware provides the options for connecting your own data streams, whether it is using publicly available AIS data streams, vessels' auto-log data or the daily noon reports.

The richer the data the better the experience, and the insights.

Be ready for CII

The Carbon Intensity Index (CII) measure will enter force as of January 2023 - and Aware is ready for it!

Use Aware to show users an engaging view of every vessel’s CII as per voyage or time period, for understanding the situation and key trends.


Want to learn more about how to become Aware?

We can help you roll out an engaging experience for everyone in the enterprise, quickly. 

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