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We celebrate two year anniversary

It is incredible that it is already 2 years since we founded Ankeri. The time has passed quickly. We have managed to do so many things in this short time. It is great to take a moment and look back and see all the progress we have made.

In the beginning it was only Leifur and I and a blank piece of paper. There was nothing, no rules and everything was allowed. Complete freedom. Then we came down to a problem so interesting that we decided we would put all our effort into solving it. We wanted to focus on helping ship owners and charterers to share performance data between them. We decided to solve this problem by applying our past experience and create cloud-based software that would be designed for the business process of the shipping industry. We want to help the shipping industry in becoming even more efficient and environmentally friendly means of transportation. We are doing this by structuring the data related to performance that is already being collected and making it available in the form needed for the decision makers.

This past year has been very eventful. Óskar joined the team, increasing our headcount by 50% is a big task. I can’t think of anybody that could have tackled it better than him. We have now already launched our first product within the container shipping segment with our first major customer.

During our journey so far, we have experienced incredible goodwill and help from all directions. We have had the opportunity to meet many people that have in incredible unselfish manner given us feedback on our ideas and development, which has proved to be invaluable help.

We are just starting our journey. Ankeri is still only taking the first steps and we are already running. We are excited to take on the next challenges. We believe that our next year will start with some great news.

Big thank you to all of you out there that have helped us on the way!

Happy anniversary Ankeri!


Kristinn Aspelund

Ankeri CEO & Co-founder


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