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Shipping in the age of digitisation – Ankeri presenting on "The Engineering Day"

“The Engineering Day” is an annual gathering organised by the Association of Chartered Engineers in Iceland with the objective of introducing engineering as an exciting profession through presentations, demonstrations and discussions of various projects. The conference was opened by President of Iceland, Mr Gudni Th. Johannesson and gave a good overview of the broad scope Engineers in Iceland work on. The event is also an excellent place for networking within the Icelandic engineering scene. This year’s event was well sought with few hundred visitors attending.

Kristinn Aspelund, Ankeri’s CEO, presented the future of merchant shipping with emphasis on digitization, utilization of the vast amount data that is out there and how Ankeri is using this data and latest technology to assist ship owners and charterers reducing waste through increased transparency.

Ankeri is thankful for the good reception and questions during the presentation which were followed by excellent discussions on the topic.


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