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Nor-Shipping 2017 was a success

Ankeri´s participation in Nor-Shipping during last week, where we got the opportunity to demonstrate the latest product development, was a great success. The changes made to the layout of Hall A and the Disruptive Sustainability theme attracted a lot of people including CEO’s from some of the leading shipping companies in Scandinavia, who are very open towards connecting to and supporting innovation through the concept of agile start-ups. For a recently founded start-ups such as Ankeri, it was therefore of great value being able to participate in the Entrepreneur pavilion in a low effort and cost efficient way. As always, this year’s Nor-Shipping also turned out to be a good exhibition to meet and grow our network – especially when you have been listed as one of Nor-Shipping’s 10 disruptive start-ups revving up the maritime industry.

Our stand was located next to the stage where the Disruptive Talks took place, so we got the benefit of being able to listen to the good panel discussions and follow up on some of the topics by inviting selected panelists to visit our stand for further discussions. Ankeri’s CEO also participated in the panel on the subject of using data to create a knowledge loop between stakeholders in the industry (picture below).

During Nor-Shipping we also got the excellent news that the Technology Development Fund in Iceland has offered Ankeri into negotiations for a grant, based on an application submitted last February. More about that later.


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