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Are you still filling chartering questionnaires out by hand?

As a ship owner or ship management company representing an owner you are most likely familiar with the task of filling out the so called chartering questionnaires that most charterers send out before chartering a vessel.

These questionnaires typically consist of 200 to 400 questions that must be carefully filled out before a set due date. Whether it is in an Excel spreadsheet, a proprietary PDF form or even an unstructured Word document, the task is always the same.

  1. Once the questionnaire is received you need to send it to different people asking them to fill out their part

  2. Search for information in various documents in different locations - hoping to find the correct one

  3. Filling the form by hand and manually copying data into correct fields - avoiding typos

  4. Walk to people or send emails asking them to fill out their part - again

  5. Synchronising and consolidating all information into a single version of the document

  6. Sending questionnaire back to charterer - hoping that everything has been correctly filled out

  7. Forgot to send the attachments … send another email with the files that were also requested

The manual process described above will always take hours of your valuable time - every time.

So - is there another way to do it?

Using Ankeri you can easily maintain all required data and files for your fleet in a simple way. This is done by setting up a Ship Profile for each of your ships where information can be entered and maintained using a combination of internal data sources, external data sources and manual input.

Filling out a charterer questionnaire then becomes a breeze by exporting your Ship Profile to a template of your choice.

Additional benefits of using Ankeri to fill out chartering questionnaires include:

  • Master data, files and events all in one location

  • Pre-defined export templates from selected charterers

  • Create your own export templates

  • Easily share access with others to get their input

  • Validation mechanism for entered data

  • History of all changes made

This process becomes even simpler when responding to questionnaires from charterers already using Ankeri.


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