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Ankeri’s First Intern

An American engineering student joins Ankeri’s team for the summer

Most of my engineering student colleagues have chosen to spend their summer break either working for medium-to-large engineering companies, or getting their minds off challenging technical schoolwork by doing some manual labor. I chose to take a different approach by interning for Ankeri—a small startup hoping to disrupt the maritime cargo industry. Why? Because as an international company working in a relatively obscure industry, Ankeri offers me exposure to a sector of business, culture, commerce and technology that would otherwise be totally off my radar. They’re doing exciting work that will have a valuable environmental impact, and I believe in the mission of the company. Also, as a small startup, Ankeri is near the beginning of its professional journey. This gives me the opportunity to work in a dynamic, flexible and quickly-expanding environment.

I am Michael Jensen, a senior mechanical engineering student at Walla Walla University in Washington State, USA. Though Ankeri is not positioned in a sector directly related to my academic discipline, I hope to provide value as an intern through my broad range of communication and technical skills. Plus, both Kristinn and Leifur have mechanical engineering backgrounds, so we have a lot in common! You will likely see more blog posts from me in the future, so I wanted to first introduce myself in this short post. Stay tuned for more to come!


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