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Ankeri's brand new website

Recently, and alongside our successful participation in Nor-Shipping, we launched our new website.

On the new website we are aligning our online message with our product portfolio and communicating Ankeri’s value to the maritime industry.

In essence, Ankeri’s mission is to fix shipping’s transparency problem, which we believe is preventing the industry from making greater strides in improving business results and sustainability — as well as from making better use of employees’ valuable time.

But what exactly is this transparency problem we are so focused on?

The problem originates at the data level where trusted data is not being shared efficiently between stakeholders (ship owners and operators, for example).

This prevents stakeholders from having the same understanding, from generating value from data as well as from connecting and communicating efficiently on items such as charter parties, ship particulars and workflows for processing of damage reports and other things related to the chartering life cycle.

Ankeri’s three main products aim to help the industry change this situation, and on our new website we give each of those products a special landing page to highlight their value.

The new and exciting performance and sustainability mobile app for driving enterprise wide engagement and change within the shipping enterprise.

Maintaining overview, getting decisions right and collaborating for better results and reduced waste has never been easier or less time-consuming.

The data platform that helps the shipping enterprise take control of its own maritime data stack to enable secure data interoperability, governance and value creation going forward.

So navigate to our new website, have a look and tell us what you think!


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