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Ankeri receives a grant from the Technology Development Fund

During our visit to Nor-Shipping 2017 we got the excellent news that Ankeri had been listed as one of the companies eligible for receiving a grant from Technology Development Fund, which is run by The Icelandic Centre for Research. The grant is in the category for newly founded start-ups where the maximum amount is currently equivalent of 100 thous. USD per year for two years.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have signed an agreement with the Technology Development Fund for the first year of the grant period, where the second year will most likely follow — depending on the progress of the project throughout the first year and the funding of the Technology Development Fund from the Icelandic government.

The importance of such a grant for start-ups like Ankeri cannot be overstated, since this will give us an excellent opportunity to further speed up the development of our products and services. For that we are extremely thankful and super excited.


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