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Ankeri anniversary

Celebrating our first year

Ankeri is today celebrating the first anniversary. For a new, buzzing startup to survive the first year is great. It has been exciting time with many firsts.

So far it has been a great journey.

In the beginning, the first few weeks, are thrilling. The freedom you have when you start with just empty piece of paper is great. During these first weeks where ideas are being put forward wildly, hypotheses are made and tested. We decided to be open and started to go out and meet people in our network and show our ideas and get feedback. This was fun and very productive, we got some good comments and great questions that have helped us in shaping our ideas and product vision. But not only that we have also had the opportunity to spend some time with great people.

The first year, has been a time of many firsts. I found the time where we did not have money, employees, investors or customers very liberating. The excitement of the endless options, nothing was decided and everything allowed. I guess we spent just the right amount of time in this phase. We did not starve and it was great to get the first project, the first funding and now we have our first prototype in the air, being tested in real life situation.

With the growth, we welcome the increased responsibility. We set out in the beginning to create a good company for shipping and I believe we are now on a good course in the right direction and picking up some speed. We are looking forward to all the new challenges next year will bring us. We are looking forward to releasing our product to the big world and to follow up.

We are in the process now to grow our humble team and we are optimistic that we will be able to tell news on team addition soon.

We are looking towards our second year and the adventures it will bring.


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