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A case of mistaken identity?

“You’re the ship performance company, right?”
- “Well… yes and no…”

At Ankeri we sometimes get mistaken for a blue tech company that provides technology installed onboard the ships to help shipping companies improve the operational efficiency of their ships and fleet.

Perhaps it is our previous careers at the Icelandic maritime technology company Marorka (recently acquired by GTT) that fuel these preconceptions.

Don’t get us wrong, smart shipping and efficiency improvements are and will only become more important for the industry, and we certainly don’t dislike being associated with that field.

However, this is not what our technology is about or what our value proposition is.

So what is Ankeri’s value proposition then?

Ankeri is a blue tech company in the maritime shipping supply chain that provides charterers and owners with a cloud-based platform to improve master data management and controlled information sharing to facilitate the selection of the best performing ships for trades.

By doing this we minimise the charterer’s efforts to select the best performing vessel for their operations while helping owners to market ships that perform.

This is important because sometimes, as shown below, it can be more beneficial for the charterer to choose between ships and select the best one, instead of focusing on the performance measures of one particular ship. But the charterer can only do this if the necessary information is accessible and readily available, hence the Ankeri Platform.

But there is more to this.

To be able to make the best strategic decisions the charterer needs to be able to:

  • Collect ship data and particulars from the owner in a standardised format using robust workflows.

  • Maintain a directory of trade routes and called terminals, including their naval constraints and other specifications.

  • Employ tools that facilitate the evaluation of potential ship candidates and how they fit the trade in question based both on operational fuel performance and commercial rates as well as other factors.

  • Manage the charter party contracts and monitor performance guarantees for improved cooperation on fuel performance or potential claims handling - when needed.

And the owner also benefits from the platform because of:

  • Improved master data management for owned vessels.

  • Controlled information sharing with charterer for ship particulars or operational data, and thus minimising the potential claim guarantee disputes.

  • Faster response times and better service, thus improving the chances of a vessel being chartered.

All this is what we call Smart Chartering.


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