Benchmark fleet performance and compare with charter party warranties

The performance of the deployed fleet is an important topic for every owner or charterer team.

Being able to monitor the fleet's performance, benchmark it and uncover valuable insights can give you a competitive advantage or provide you with fact-based evidence in stakeholder communication during all stages of the charter party fixture.

But how do you ensure that you are actually comparing apple-to-apples in comparable conditions from the data you have at your disposal?


Ankeri Performance is the tool that helps you leverage all the different data streams with fast and easy-to-use interfaces that track the overall performance of the whole fleet, individual vessels and their performance compared to previously sailed voyages/legs or benchmarked against vessels of similar class that have sailed the same voyages/legs.

That way, you do not have to worry about making important decisions based on potentially unfounded insights.

Screenshot_2020-10-22 Ankeri Performance
Screenshot_2020-10-22 Ankeri Performance

Key Features

Easy to use web interface with no need for installation of software on local machine.


Use data from existing noon reporting and autolog data collection systems with no additional installations required on board.

Identify best and worst performing ships with regards to charter party performance.

Track charter party performance for different vessel classes and counter-parties.


Track performance of ships automatically aggregated for voyages.

Compare data and identify discrepancies from noon reporting systems, autolog data collections systems and AIS.  

Benchmark ship performance to past passages of the ship on the same voyage or ships of same capacity and class.

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