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Ankeri Aware available in Kongsberg's Vessel Insight marketplace

Ankeri is very pleased to announce that Ankeri Aware is now available in Kongsberg's Vessel Insight marketplace.

Aware is the mobile (and desktop) application that uses the shipping company's own in-house data to provide a social fitness app experience while also generating easy operational insights on the fleet's performance and sustainability progress - for every employee of the shipping company.

The application is part of the marketplace for Kongsberg Digital's maritime clients. Aware will use high-frequency data extracted from vessels using Kongsberg Digital's Vessel Insight ship-to-cloud infrastructure. Onboarding Aware will therefore be a fast, simple and seamless experience.

At Kongsberg Digital, our mission is to continually enhancing the maritime experience by integrating innovative solutions.Partnering with Ankeri and bringing the Aware application into our ecosystem reinforces our commitment to this mission and ensures that our Vessel Insight users have access to tools that simplify and amplify the value of their data," said Kim Evanger, Director of Ecosystem at Kongsberg Digital.

Ankeri was built on the premise of transforming the maritime industry through the power of data. Our collaboration with Kongsberg Digital is a significant stride towards this vision, allowing us to extend the capabilities of Aware to a broader community. Together, we're empowering maritime professionals to harness data in ways that drive meaningful change and progress," said Kristinn Aspelund, CEO of Ankeri.

You can learn more about how to start using Ankeri Aware as part of Kongsberg's Vessel Insight marketplace here.


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