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Maritime Executive Magazine Highlights Ankeri

Maritime Software: Profiting from Data

How can the shipping industry benefit from “big data”? What kind of companies are leveraging ship data to bring financial returns to shipowners and charterers? Is the increase in data collection and analysis changing the commercial shipping industry?

These are all questions underpinning an article called “Profiting from Data” printed in the latest issue of The Maritime Executive magazine. The article, written by the magazine’s North America-Europe Editor Paul Benecki, addresses these questions by exploring several maritime companies using ship data to save money for shipowners and charterers. Among the companies discussed is Ankeri Solutions. In the article, Benecki outlines Ankeri’s goal of creating a data-driven marketplace where ships’ charter rates are determined by their efficiency, incentivizing shipowners to optimize their fleets and letting charterers transparently see the performance data of ships they plan to hire. While explaining the logic behind Ankeri’s mission, Benecki also does a nice job of describing the economic benefits to both charterers and shipowners in a marketplace like Ankeri is developing.

With 28,000 copies distributed every other month to professionals in 127 countries, The Maritime Executive is the largest business journal in the shipping industry. Ankeri is thrilled to be featured in such a prominent publication and excited that industry professionals around the world are learning about Ankeri’s mission. A data-driven marketplace like Ankeri is developing relies on massive participation, and massive participation is precipitated by clear benefits to all parties involved. Thanks to The Maritime Executive‘s article, there are now thousands of industry professionals worldwide who have been introduced to those clear benefits.

To read the article for yourself, click here. You’ll see Ankeri discussed on the first page, followed by discussion of several other companies making waves in the ship data industry.


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