Vessel Selection

For trades, use unified information on vessels and terminals, sophisticated algorithms and lightweight collaboration processes to arrive quickly at eligible charter candidates with the optimal combination of commercial properties and fuel efficiency.

Selecting the optimal vessel to charter and deploy on a trade is a critical task for any chartering team to get right. 

A number of factors will have to be considered during the selection process, such as the physical constraints at each terminal called, the vessel's fuel type and fuel efficiency, the vessel's capacity and loading properties as well as its charter rate and overall commercial fit. 

Furthermore, a number of professionals at the charterer, each with their own expertise knowledge, will have to work together to arrive at the best suited candidate at a turnover speed that prevents the charter team from missing out on the target in the market.

It goes without saying that without effective tools that facilitate efficient discovering and evaluation of vessels in a collaborative environment, the selection process can quickly get out of hand, with opportunities being lost or sub-optimal decisions made.


And that's why we have created the Ankeri Vessel Selection for charter teams to help them get better charter selection results, faster and easier.

Key Features

Easy to use web interface with no need for installation of software on local machine.

Work on multiple selection processes at once.

Evaluate vessel candidates based on your imported trade route definitions.

Easily add vessel candidates using a search function, with automatic importing of speed-consumption curves from configured sources.


Alerts when a vessel candidate violates physical constraints at terminals called.

Automatically rank vessel candidates based on quantitative and qualitative measures.  

Consolidate process comments in one place and share comments with team members in email.

Notify all process team members of updates and a completed process.

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