Consolidate first-hand trusted information on port terminals and make it accessible company wide for internal processes such as the design of trade routes and vessel trade deployment 
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A merchant vessel isn't much use without a port of call. Since it makes sense to gather information on all things related to a vessel (see Profile for Charterers), it also makes equal sense to gather information on all things related to port terminals.

Especially since port efficiency is a very current concept in shipping logistics and trusted terminal information is crucial for designing trade routes and deploying vessels on trades consisting of multiple terminal calls (see Vessel Selection). In any case, a trade designer or vessel deployer is going to have to make sure that a desired vessel or class can actually call the terminals in question.


Ankeri Terminals is the toolbox chartering; operational and technical teams need to start organising terminal information, make it easily available to internal stakeholders and use it on trade design and deployments, or help with other business functions and innovations.


Key Features

Easy to use web interface with no need to install software on a local machine.

Maintain an updated directory of port terminals and make it available to colleagues in a web interface.

Share terminal questionnaires with port agents for a first-hand trusted source of information.

Track status of terminal information completion rates, recent requests made, and submissions.


Use advanced filters to filter on the desired terminals.

Bookmark terminals for easy retrieval.  

Compare up to 15 terminals in a side-by-side comparison view.

Track all changes to terminal specifications and show a history of changes to individual fields.

Upload files and attach to terminal entry.

Manage terminals efficiency targets and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Make terminal data securely available to other systems using the Ankeri API.

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