Leverage digital transformation to become the trusted first option for charterers
For Ship Owners

Use Ankeri as a digital transformation gateway to transparent and trusted communication with charterers that helps establish you as the first option for their future fixture needs.

Single source of information

Increase productivity while decreasing coordination and administrative costs by consolidating validated first-hand data into a single location, readily and securely available to internal and external stakeholders.

Avoid drawn out warranty claims

Stay on top of potential issues with charter party warranties and off-hire incidents by monitoring the charter party during execution.

Make ship data available at the click of a button

Minimise turnaround times and build trust by sharing data quickly in either the Ankeri web, API, or by exporting to the charterer's questionnaires.

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Screenshot_2020-10-14 Ankeri Performance
Monitor fleet

Maintain a detailed overview of your fleet's performance, easily accessible and digestible for all internal teams. 

Easily give charterers access to real-time data

While fixed, use Ankeri's Data Connections Hub to forward real-time ship data to charterers in a format the charterer can accept, thus removing the need for a reporting system installed by the charterer. 


With Ankeri, Hapag-Lloyd has managed to fully digitise the    pre-chartering questionnaire process by involving the owner in a simple, effective and transparent workflow process.


We are very pleased with Ankeri's support and solutions and we look forward to continuing our digital journey employing a wider range of Ankeri's portfolio of products.

Tim Petersen F.I.C.S.

Senior Director


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