For charterers
Share questionnaires with ship owners and maintain detailed catalog of all your chartering prospects - with validated information ready to be accessed and applied when needed

In order to make trusted data driven decisions every charterer needs access to information and data on ships in the charter market.

This data is usually attained by sending out questionnaire documents that the shipowner (or associates) is expected to answer as soon as possible with great attention to detail since every erroneous answer can potentially have a large and unwanted ripple effect. 

Needless to say answering a 300+ data fields questionnaire, in Excel or worse in PDF, is bound to be time consuming and generate some errors. Subsequently, upon receiving the answered questionnaire, the file will have to be imported into the charterer's systems which can also result in errors generated by the unintentionally wrong handling of the questionnaire document at the owner's side.

Simply put this convoluted process needs an upgrade and Ankeri Profiles provides the charterer with the tools to centrally store and manage all ships' information profile and data, and send out requests for ship information that only need the owner to input the required information in a web page form that subsequently ensures that the data is validated and consistent with the required format.

A better way to collect ship information

Collect and structure ship information from chartering prospects or your own ships using company-wide standardisation that is easy to maintain.

Make the most of your ship information using Ankeri's web-based user interface, export functions or API connection.


Key Features

Connect to external and internal data sources to see if there are any updates available to update information for your fleet. Available external connectors include ShipDB from and  vessels in class from IACS.

Collect and tag files of various formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, images, etc. Mark certificates and other files with expiry date and get notified when files are about to expire.

Overview of event timeline to keep track of events such as delivery, dry-docking, hull-cleaning and propeller-polishing.


Maintain unified questionnaire by adding, removing, editing, ordering fields of various types such as text, number, dates, etc. Group into categories of your choice.

Control user access based on user groups.

Track changes.

Validation checks at time of data entry and plausibility checks for cross-validation between various fields and similar ships.

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