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Celebrating Ankeri’s Nordic Startup Awards Nomination

Ankeri was recently nominated as Best Climate Impact Startup for Iceland in this year’s Nordic Startup Awards, an honor reserved for the top 3 Icelandic startups that have shown the greatest development over last year based on growth and innovation with a product and or service that supports the transition to a low-carbon society by reducing emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Until November 24, the public can vote for one of this year’s 3 nominees to win the national Best Climate Impact Startup award and secure a place at the Nordic National Finale.

This award is exciting to us because it highlights the interesting, innovative and unusual work that we’re doing at Ankeri, which is crafting a cloud-based solution that will streamline commercial shipping, making the process more economical, environmentally friendly and efficient. We would love your support in this Nordic Startup Awards competition, so please vote for Ankeri.

Thanks for your support—it means a lot to us!


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