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Ankeri's Árshátíð 2024: Annual Celebration in Sitges, Spain

This year, we took Ankeri's annual celebration of Árshátíð to the next level by gathering in Sitges, Spain with the Ankeri team!

We understand that the “árshátíð” is more than just a corporate event; it's a cherished Icelandic tradition that brought us closer as colleagues. Árshátíð, 2024 was a special occasion for Ankeri, as we welcomed new members into our team and enjoyed the company of them and their families. 

Sitges, a charming town just 35 km southwest of Barcelona, provided the perfect setting for our festivities. With its rich history, cultural landmarks, scenic beaches, and great food, the town captivated us all. Our Spanish-themed dinner on April 13, Saturday was a highlight of the weekend, as we embraced the local culture and indulged in delicious cuisine.

As we reflect on this unforgettable experience, we're excited about the journey ahead. With a shared commitment to leveraging data and technology for the betterment of the shipping industry, Team Ankeri is ready to tackle new challenges and achieve our goals together! 


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