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Collaborate on CII monitoring and compliance

Stop working in silos and start sharing performance data for complete CII monitoring and compliance.  Ankeri helps you gain valuable insights and allows you to communicate seamlessly with your counter party on actions needed.

Complete fleet overview of CII ratings

  • Get a fleet overview of your fleet consumption, CO2 emissions and CII ratings.  

  • Gain insights on ships that have D and E ratings and need special focus, e.g., by reducing speed or reducing intervals between hull cleaning and propeller polishing. 

  • Get overview on what owners/charterers have the most ships with D and E ratings and need special focus. 

  • Trend CII ratings on monthly basis to detect ships that have deteriorating performance over the year and might drop to D and E rating. 

Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 16.00.11.png

Ship level overview and forecasting of CII

Slice 19.png
  • Gain further understanding of CII results with ship particulars and events and chartering info as supporting information. 

  • Predictions on when ships will drop to D and E ratings based on the current performance and the CII regulation becoming more stringent in the coming years.  

  • CII results in context of vessel classes, owners/charterers and contractual data (e.g. charter parties). 

  • Gain understanding of CII ratings using noon reporting and auto-logged data as supporting information in maps and timeseries charts.

Communicate on CII with your counter party

  • Share CII results and supporting information with charterer/owner in a collaborative workspace.  

  • Communicate on ship CII results in the collaboration workspace. 

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Want to learn more about collaborating on CII?

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