Charter Parties

Consolidate and manage charter parties' contract data and fixture events to get a clear overview of your fleet's deployment and performance

To understand how the fleet is deployed it is fundamental for both owner and charterer teams to be able to easily manage charter parties contract data in order to gain overview of past, current and future fixtures, while being able to track important KPIs such as redelivery notices and off-hires.

Ankeri Charter Parties provides the tools for effective team-oriented management of charter parties contracts with easy overview and analysis in a secure cloud-based platform.

Key Features

Easy to use web interface with no need for installation of software on local machine.

Manage contract data and track changes.

Overview of chartered fleet in terms of KPIs such as number of chartered vessels, capacity of chartered vessels, fleet size and hire rates.

Timeline with fixture, extension, delivery, redeliveries and option declaration dates.


Manage and monitor off-hires and generate customised off-hire reports.

Manage and monitor bunker balance on delivery and redelivery.  

Manage and monitor redelivery notices.

Overview of monthly hire payments.


Limit access to sensitive information through extensive user access control while maintaining rich information flow to other users for less sensitive information.

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