Nanna Einarsdóttir joins Ankeri

February 1, 2019
We are happy to welcome Nanna Einarsdóttir to the Ankeri team as lead developer! Nanna is joining us from the 1st of February and will bring her expertise in software development to the table.  She has a history of working in the medical device industry as well as the maritime software industry.

Helgi Benediktsson joins Ankeri

January 10, 2019
Good news at the turn of the year! Helgi Benediktsson has joined the Ankeri crew as VP of Product as well as for general all-hands-on-deck assignments. At Ankeri, Helgi will be bringing his extensive experience in software development and product management into the fold, both from the fintech

New Business Venture Fund leads Ankeri seed round

December 18, 2018
Ankeri has secured seed round funding lead by the Icelandic New Business Venture Fund (Nyskopunarsjodur). The funding gives Ankeri good leverage to scale up development and follow up on good traction since initial launch of the Ankeri platform. Further coverage can be found on Northstack in English

We celebrate two year anniversary

December 1, 2018
It is incredible that it is already 2 years since we founded Ankeri. The time has passed quickly. We have managed to do so many things in this short time. It is great to take a moment and look back and see all the progress we have made. In the beginning it was only Leifur and I and a blank piece of

Ankeri featured by PUBLIC

October 24, 2018
PUBLIC just released a report about Frictionless Trade giving insight into how new technology with power international trade. It is an honour for Ankeri to be featured in the report as one of The 65 most exciting startups powering frictionless trade. Full report available

Ankeri visiting SMM in Hamburg

August 29, 2018
Next week, September 4th to 7th, SMM the leading international maritime trade fair will take place in Hamburg. Even though we are not exhibitors yet, we decided to temporarily relocate our offices during next week to Hamburg. All hands are on deck and we will all be travelling to the beautiful city

Celebrating Ankeri’s Nordic Startup Awards Nomination

August 10, 2018
For the second year in a row, Ankeri has been nominated as Best Newcomer for Iceland in this year’s Nordic Startup Awards, an honor reserved for the top 5 young Icelandic startups showing impressive growth and innovation during the past year. Until August 16, the public can vote for one of

Ankeri featured on Northstack

July 10, 2018
Thus Ankeri was born—an online platform that weaves real-time data, weather reports and performance metrics into one interface. Designed to increase transparency by utilizing available data, the technology carries the potential for partnerships across various parties in the shipping industry.

Oskar Sigthorsson joins Ankeri

April 13, 2018
We are thrilled to welcome Oskar Sigthorsson who has joined the Ankeri team as of March 1st 2018. Oskar will be working on development of the Ankeri platform and data analytics. Oskar brings valuable expertise of ship performance monitoring, data analytics and product management to Ankeri. Oskar

We are expanding our team

January 15, 2018
Do you want to join us to change the world merchant shipping industry? We are looking for a person to join Ankeri’s founding team and take active role in building up our buzzing start-up. Our right candidate has experience in programming web applications and likes smart solutions to

Ankeri anniversary

December 1, 2017
Ankeri is today celebrating the first anniversary. For a new, buzzing startup to survive the first year is great. It has been exciting time with many firsts. So far it has been a great journey. In the beginning, the first few weeks, are thrilling. The freedom you have when you start with just empty

Interview with Ankeri’s CEO in the Icelandic media

September 23, 2017
The maritime section of one of the Icelandic newspapers recently covered Ankeri with an interview with our CEO. The interview, which is only available in Icelandic, can also be viewed

Best Newcomer 2017

September 1, 2017
Exactly nine months after the launch of Ankeri Solutions, we got the honour of being selected the National Best Newcomer 2017 by the Nordic Startup Awards. For this we are extremely honoured and humble – especially when taking into account all the other great Icelandic companies that were

Maritime Executive Magazine Highlights Ankeri

August 18, 2017
How can the shipping industry benefit from “big data”? What kind of companies are leveraging ship data to bring financial returns to shipowners and charterers? Is the increase in data collection and analysis changing the commercial shipping industry? These are all questions underpinning

Celebrating Ankeri’s Nordic Startup Awards Nomination

August 3, 2017
Ankeri was recently nominated as Best Newcomer for Iceland in this year’s Nordic Startup Awards, an honor reserved for the top 5 young Icelandic startups showing impressive growth and innovation during the past year. Until August 22, the public can vote for one of this year’s 5 nominees to

Ankeri’s First Intern

July 18, 2017
Most of my engineering student colleagues have chosen to spend their summer break either working for medium-to-large engineering companies, or getting their minds off challenging technical schoolwork by doing some manual labor. I chose to take a different approach by interning for Ankeri—a small

Ankeri recives a grant from the Technology Development Fund

July 3, 2017
During our visit to Nor-Shipping 2017 we got the excellent news that Ankeri had been listed as one of the companies eligible for receiving a grant from Technology Development Fund, which is run by The Icelandic Centre for Research. The grant is in the category for newly founded start-ups where

Ankeri graduating from the Startup School by Y Combinator

June 16, 2017
When Sam Altman from Y Combinator announced a new online Startup School, Ankeri decided to apply for entrance. Out of roughly 13 thousand companies that applied, Ankeri turned out to be one the close to 3 thousand that was actually on-boarded to the school’s Founder Track – and the

Nor-Shipping 2017 was a success

June 6, 2017
Ankeri´s participation in Nor-Shipping during last week, where we got the opportunity to demonstrate the latest product development, was a great success. The changes made to the layout of Hall A and the Disruptive Sustainability theme attracted a lot of people including CEO’s from some of the

Shipping in the age of digitization – Ankeri presenting on “The Engineering Day”

April 7, 2017
“The Engineering Day” is an annual gathering organised by the Association of Chartered Engineers in Iceland with the objective of introducing engineering as an exciting profession through presentations, demonstrations and discussions of various projects. The conference was opened by President

Ankeri coverage in the Icelandic Financial News

February 5, 2017
Ankeri recently got some coverage in the Icelandic media in an interview with the Icelandic Financial News. The interview, which is in Icelandic and titled ‘Objective to increase transparency’, briefly covers the reason behind the foundation of Ankeri and its main objectives. An

We’re open! Announcing the launch of our website

January 17, 2017
We are proud to announce the launch of the Ankeri website! Since the official launch of our company Ankeri Solutions ehf. on 1 December 2016 we have been working hard on further specifying our solution and today we are taking the first baby-steps in pitching our idea to the rest of the world

Ankeri joins Samtök sprotafyrirtækja

January 12, 2017
Ankeri has joined Samtök sprotafyrirtækja, a sub-group within the Federation of Icelandic Industries which has the main objective of supporting Icelandic startups in creating an environment that supports their growth. By joining Samtök sprotafyrirtækja, Ankeri aims to be an active

Visit from the Federation of Icelandic Industries

December 19, 2016
We had a visit! We welcomed Davíð Lúðvíksson from The Federation of Icelandic Industries as our first official visitor. During the visit we gave Davíð a presentation of Ankeri’s work and discussed a lot of concurrent issues related to the startup environment and the startup scenario

Ankeri receives support from Innovation Center Iceland

December 1, 2016
There are several grants and plans from the Icelandic government and private organizations here in Iceland that have the to objective to support young companies in taking their first steps in working on and developing a new idea. Ankeri is one of the Icelandic startups that has been granted the